Monday, 6 February 2012

Petra Brown.

I have never met Petra Brown, but I know she's special.
She is an illustrator, and has self published her very first book this year.
She inspires me.

Her illustrations are beautiful, they are full of humour and character.
She lives in a quiet location in North Wales, and she didn't go to study illustration in university.
She is a supportive, kind woman, with such a huge talent.

She makes me feel, like I can do it too.
You always hear of people in the big cities, with their Masters getting their stories and drawings out there,
but you hear less about the quieter people, from the little villages in the mountains.
Petra is proof to me that you can do it.
She is such an inspiration.

Help her by visiting her website, and by checking out her work.

Here's her new book:


  1. Oh, you absolute poppet! Big hugs to you, Lowri!