Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Denbigh Mental...Fairy.

It was suggested to me, that I explore my relation to the costumes I created for my latest textiles breif visualy, as there was an obvious deep connection to my fascination with innocence, fairytales and childsplay etc, visable in the work I was producing.. The costumes/garments I made where very personal, and reflected my interests strongly. So I asked my dad to take me to Denbigh Mental Asylum, to take photos of me in the Button Fairy storybook dress and wings I made, with some of my favourite objects. I decided on Denbigh Mental as a location as it is the perfect location to show the contrasting aspects of my personality... the "Twinkle" & the "Gloom". I have a fascination with the building, and think I would probably have been sent there id I was a Victorian lady.

My dad was kind enough to take the photographs for me, I explained what I wanted from them, and made drawings of my ideas, and he was talanted enough to help bring those to life with the camera.
The photoshoot was eventful, we got a few odd looks and the groundskeeper was deeply suspicious of us, despite not stepping a foot on the property and staying outside the gate!

Here are a couple of the shots:


  1. Very cool pictures. I absolutely love the dress. I imagine it was pretty strange for the onlookers. :P

  2. Haha I think people may have found it abit off yes ;) Probably thinking "Your abit late love, the Asylum closed down years ago". ;)
    No acctually, someone complained about us and called the groundskeeper to come and speak to us... eventhough we wheren't doing anything wrong =/

  3. Hahah. Wow, that's not good. At least I assume you didn't get in trouble.
    A couple weeks ago at my church we were playing hide and seek on this street and people called the cops on us. :P

  4. It's such a shame you couldn't go inside the building. But these photos are great. Have you ever been to the ruins of Buckley Manor house, Beaumaris? My friend and I found a witch's pentangle drawn in chalk on the floor of one of the outhouses. Very spooky place! Ideal for a twinkle photo shoot.

  5. You know, I havn't... but I'll have to go and have a look there, it sounds really cool.
    Did you know Lewis Carroll used to holiday in Beaumaris as a child? :D
    Thankyou for the kind comment, and the tip!
    Buckley Manor is sure to be a place I'll be visiting this week. :D

  6. I didn't know that. I don't know much about him really. I have a book about his life but I've never read it... I'm hopeless at reading factual stuff.
    You may have trouble finding the mansion. It's out of the town. It's such a long time ago that I went there, I was at college in Bangor at the time... 27 years ago! It may have fallen right down by now.

  7. I'm the same to be honest, sometimes I find it hard to digest any kind of information in words!
    He has a fascinating life though, I reccommend the read! :D
    Did you know of Alice Liddell's holiday home in Llandudno? Gone now mind you. :(

    Well it'll be worth a look. :)
    Thats what I wanted to ask you, since you seem interested in derelict buildings, have you ever been to the castle... mansion, not sure what it is! Near Abergele? On the way to Rhyl?

  8. No, I don't know about that at all. I'll look it up. Thanks, Lowri. I love the atmosphere these places evoke. The once grand, now left to rot. Filled with the of echoes of past lives. I like the way nature seems to embrace the structure in a slow deathly hug, pulling it back to the soil. Ooh, I got all poetical there, sorry.

  9. Here is is! http://www.gwrychtrust.co.uk/
    I forgot what it was called. :)
    It's a difficult place to find your way to unless you know how, but we asked around and you get there by going through a path at a campsite.
    I dont know if things have changed since the last time I was there, but it's a beautiful place!
    And dont appologise for being poetic. ^_^ Your completely right!

  10. That looks great, thanks!
    I found out about the mansion at Beaumaris. I found this on the bbc site:
    "The mansion is privately owned, and to visit it is trespassing, although judging by the well-worn footpath it doesn't seem to bother most people, and there have been no attempts made to keep people out over the years, as you can see by the vandalism all around the building. Most of the building is now too unstable to enter safely, although some rooms remain remarkably intact, with fireplaces and ornate plaster designs still visible in a lot of places. Access to the upper floors is totally out of the question however, with few staircases remaining and almost all floors caved in. The building is due to be converted into modern flats in the near future, and the clearing efforts seen around the building are part of this."
    It's a real shame I think. If you do want to use it as a photo shoot, you'll have to get there fast before the bulldozers move in!

  11. Your welcome! :) Thankyou too. ^_^
    And that is a shame... everything old & beautiful seems to be demolished these days, or they start the process and abandon them! :(