Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Denbigh Mental...Fairy.

It was suggested to me, that I explore my relation to the costumes I created for my latest textiles breif visualy, as there was an obvious deep connection to my fascination with innocence, fairytales and childsplay etc, visable in the work I was producing.. The costumes/garments I made where very personal, and reflected my interests strongly. So I asked my dad to take me to Denbigh Mental Asylum, to take photos of me in the Button Fairy storybook dress and wings I made, with some of my favourite objects. I decided on Denbigh Mental as a location as it is the perfect location to show the contrasting aspects of my personality... the "Twinkle" & the "Gloom". I have a fascination with the building, and think I would probably have been sent there id I was a Victorian lady.

My dad was kind enough to take the photographs for me, I explained what I wanted from them, and made drawings of my ideas, and he was talanted enough to help bring those to life with the camera.
The photoshoot was eventful, we got a few odd looks and the groundskeeper was deeply suspicious of us, despite not stepping a foot on the property and staying outside the gate!

Here are a couple of the shots:

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Last Summer's exhibition.

I have decided to post up some photo's of an exhibit I made for last Summer's Coleg Menai Art Exhibition. It's an annual event, and last year was my first ever exhibit. I made what I like to call a '3D Illustration', based on Alice in Wonderland, the scene where Alice falls down the Rabbit hole. This also has refrences to Alice Liddell, and Llandudno through photography of mine that hung on the walls of the Rabbit hole. Alice, the White Rabbit, the Card guards... everything inside the rabbit hole is made of book pages, whilst the Rabbit hole itself is wood, and covered with paper mache.

This is a year old, almost, but it's still a piece of work Im very proud of.